Saturday, February 20, 2010

OSCAR for 8 months already?????

I can't believe I've been using OSCAR for 8 months already!

Sure - I don't have Alberta Health Billings working yet - nor do I have labs going yet....but OSCAR is really resulting in a significant time savings for me.

I'm still using paper charts for my Family Medicine Practice. The staff puts the paper charts in the door for me, and I use the paper charts to quickly refer to recent labs, etc. during patient visits. I make all of my notes on OSCAR on my Macbook Air.

I've learned to never type away when interacting with patients - it's just too interruptive to the process of a medical session. I take my laptop outside the room with me after the visit and type my notes.

When I don't really get time to finish my notes as well as I'd like, I simply take my tiny little Macbook Air home with me and log in to my server while in my underwear on the la-z-boy. This is much better than dragging 30-40 lb of charts home in a box like I did for years.

Alberta Health Services recently migrated to V3 of the HL7 data standard.....and so we're a little delayed getting labs into my OSCAR installation.

Looking forward to full functionality soon.