Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vendor Lock-In and how to switch to OSCAR without pain

Vendor Lock-in is bad for consumers, but good for business (not YOUR business - THEIR Business!).

What this means in terms of an EMR is that once you choose a "proprietary" EMR - you're pretty much stuck with them because of the inordinate amount of effort it
takes to leave them and switch to another.

Here is a great summary of Vendor Lock-in:


So - how do we make it "EASY" for users of other EMR's to switch to OSCAR?

Simple: we provide a repository of information of switching to OSCAR from other EMR's. I am going to devote a Blog with information from users that have
"done the switch" to add their contact information, wisdom and tips on how to get this done.

What I hope to eventually achieve, will be a repository of "turnkey" information and services that will allow users to switch from their current EMR's to OSCAR.

There will be a variety of posts on the blog:

1) I don't
have an EMR, but I'm cheap and I want everything for nothing - so how do I get OSCAR?
2) I am an EMR user and I'm sick of my Vendor - how do I get OSCAR?

If you are a user of any of the medical systems below - we will attempt to provide you with information on how to switch from your EMR to OSCAR (note that OSCAR has the "coolest" Logo - not an "official" logo - I just liked this one).

Wolf Medical SystemsOptimed Software CorporationABELMed Inc.Applied Informatics For Health Society
Practice SolutionsJonoke Software Development IncIntrahealth Canada Ltd.AlphaGlobal iT Inc.
EMIS Inc.xwave HealthcareYork-Med Systems Inc.
CLINICARE CorporationP & P Data Systems IncMicroquest Inc.Osler Systems Inc.
Healthscreen Solutions Inc.Nightingale Informatix Corporation