Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slow but steady wins the race

Ah, things are slow on the OSCAR in Alberta Development front - but at least they are methodical. The lab module should not be too much longer, and the developer is redesigning the approach to the billing module. The Alberta billing module approach will be innovative and a marked improvement on other provincial billing modules. Nice to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants!

In the mean time, I've been busy trying to create some templates for OSCAR that are Alberta specific. It isn't really all that hard with the new template generator that Shelter (a brilliant person that does OSCAR development) made. This is the real beauty of an open source project like OSCAR - it is always evolving, and so many people are always contributing that unlike any other software out there - OSCAR is "alive".

I hope to also contribute my parts to ongoing OSCAR development. These contributions range from actually getting parts made for OSCAR (and then submitting them to the CVS) to conceptual ideas.

Medicine is going more and more private in colleagues that are totally dependent on Health Care Dollars are dropping like flies and closing their offices in droves. It is laughable that the "official regulatory authorities" in Alberta "have no official knowledge" of Doctors offices closing in droves. These Docs aren't bothering to inform the regulatory authorities. They're simply going totally private or are getting jobs in private clinics while doing the odd shift in a walk-in clinic (thereby not being counted by regulatory authorities as having given up practice).

It is disenchanting that our regulatory authorities are increasingly perceived as being increasingly disconnected from what is really going on in Alberta. I am convinced that there is a will to set things right, however, and innovations are happening despite poor leadership, poor regulatory authority connection and coordination and a seemingly hopelessly deficit financial situation.

OSCAR is an ideal example of what can spring out of that cauldron of boiling problems.

I should know a lot more within two weeks. So far, several other Physicians have signed on to OSCAR in Alberta....and I'm just waiting for them to get back from holidays before we get their installs going.

More soon!