Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Latest Status

There appears to be a critical mass of interest in OSCAR going on in Alberta. Several Docs and clinics have contacted me in regard to coming over to my office to see OSCAR in action. I happily comply! So far, 5 new clinics are coming over to see OSCAR in action.

Interestingly, two of these clinics are interested in considering OSCAR in replacement of Wolf. I am therefore researching methods of helping them change from OSCAR to Wolf without too much pain. It shouldn't be too hard to do so.

The Labs module is just around the corner now....we've had to concede to acquiring another programmer to assist with this (it's 99% done, but that last 1% is, of course, the most difficult part). Part of what has made this so slow is that Calgary Lab Services and all other jurisdictional services in Alberta have now become consolidated under "Alberta Health Services". They have additionally adopted version 3 of the new HL7 data standard.

While I enthusiastically criticize the Provincial Government and all Executives in Alberta Health services whenever an opportunity arises (and many do) - I have to say that this recent decision of theirs to consolidate labs under one umbrella and data standard - has been surprisingly insightful of them! A smart decision by Government and Administrators! WTF? I pinched myself and it's not a dream! If they could only now start to grasp the concept of Provincial Health Care Worker morale - we'd be off to the races!

Maybe there is hope......

We are also going to forge ahead with this new programmer to get the Alberta billing module finished - but it will include a robustly built private billing module for the growing list of uninsured services in Alberta that Physicians must collect and keep organized for business and tax reasons.

The billing module will be anticipated to be "real time". This means that a "billing clerk" will no longer be necessary other than for periodic consolidations. The treating Physicians will simply click radio buttons on an OSCAR page to complete their billings for every office visit.

It's going to be pretty cool.