Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Billing module nearing completion within a week or so

Okay, so I've been playing with the Alberta Health Billing module in OSCAR and it looks pretty good. We are making some slick changes to it so that it integrates very well into a busy Physician's workflow.

The changes should be ready within a couple of days, and I will be testing it on a fake patient database before doing a live billing trial in my office.

Labs module is basically going to happen at the same time.

Great news for people interest in OSCAR.

I am aware that only 3 vendors are "approved" vendors for Alberta for POSP funding. I had considered making OSCAR "VCUR compliant" so that it can be qualified as a 4th vendor.

I might just go ahead and do that.....but I can't think of any reason to bother.

The paperwork and administration involved in getting POSP funding to cover a measly $250 per month for OSCAR support (including billing) is not worth the painful time and effort to get and maintain POSP funding.

I have had many inquiries from Physicians who are ready to leave POSP behind in favour of OSCAR.

We'll see how things transpire - but I think that in the long run, OSCAR will take over in Alberta and the POSP office will have to evolve to keep up with it. I would welcome a collaborative effort, but there is currently an understandable lack of interest from their end.

That will hopefully change over the next couple of years.