Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OSCAR-ALBERTA: failed attempt initially - but rebooting now

OSCAR-ALBERTA development has not progressed as fast as I had hoped, for many reasons.

The task was daunting, and my initial approaches did not bear fruit.

HOWEVER - I'm trying a new approach. The OSCAR-ALBERTA billing and lab modules will be all open source and available to anyone that wants it. I hope to have some real progress by September.

I will personally bear the costs of this venture - and will give it away. So anybody that has a mind to help my pay for this would be most welcome. I estimate that I'll have to collect about $10k or so (conservatively......just getting an estimate figured out now). Altruism is great - but it's hard to do it all by yourself.....but I will if I have to.

In the mean time, please feel free to subscribe to the OSCAR-Alberta list server on Sourceforge.

Please go to the following website and register for inclusion on the newsgroup server:

This is basically a service where subscribers have the ability to post any OSCAR-Alberta related question - and get an answer from other subscribers. The BC list is very good, and has a strong user base. The users help each other with all things OSCAR - and this is one of the many things that makes OSCAR unstoppable.

So please sign up and feel free to ask or answer as you like. No questions are too simple, and all comments and questions are most welcome!

I'd like to build a large user base for the OSCAR-ALBERTA List Server.

I remain the ongoing optimist!