Monday, October 17, 2011

The current status - my server DIED!!!!!

I got a call at 05:00 on Sunday morning....not all THAT unusual with my practice....but still not fun. It was the security guy from my office. Apparently, a "bad surge" hit my office and the power was out. I headed over there to try to see how my status was....and my server DIED.

My APS was also fried - and it did NOTHING to save my server! My backup server was okay, but was not operating quite the NERD BC guys were "on the job" immediately.

I have to say - these NERD BC guys are truly amazing when it comes to availability and when it comes to solving weird problems. They're going to go far. I'm very happy to be working with this brilliant and forward thinking team of two young men.

My offsite backup was thankfully just fine, and so they they uploaded the backup to my backup server while I get the primary server fixed.

They installed the 64 bit version of Ubuntu first...followed by OSCAR 10.06 - and I am IMPRESSED with how much better and faster this is! I'm installing more RAM tomorrow - just bought 4 more Mb RAM for each server, so I'll have a total of 8 Mb per server now. Apparently, I'll have even more performance once I get this going (on top of my 32 Gb SSD Hard drives).

I'm going to install a new APS on each server - and THIS time, I'll set them up properly with a USB data controller to turn off the servers if they are about to fail (and email me with a status).

The billing/lab module is about 70% complete now. Things will go faster now, as the Programmer (very talented) has brought her knowledge of the project up to snuff and is now basically coding on it full time. I think that a more realistic timeline for testing the finished product prior to deployment will be the 3rd week or so of November.