Sunday, February 12, 2012

WTF? Why isn't the Alberta Module done yet?


I know what you are all thinking......

"WTF? - where is the Alberta Module and why has it taken so long?"

Here is the explanation and FINALLY - some hope!

It turns out that Programmers don't have a professional society. As such, they are not compelled to always act professionally. It is easy to forget that as Physicians, where we work in a profession that is self regulated to the highest standards of any profession. And we tend to take that for granted. I suppose I never really appreciate that until I became dependent upon programmers to get this project going. Maybe some day, there will be a Professional Society of programmers - but until then, it is more difficult than you might imagine to find a programmer with a professional level of conduct.

Like any field, there are good eggs and there are bad eggs.

It would seem that with programmers, I had managed to find more of the former than the latter.

The last programmer that we had working on this project stated personal problems - and for that reason, she simply stopped working on the project. Her work was contracted through a manager who brokered her work on the project. He apparently never bothered to pay her, despite his having being turned out to be quite a soap opera that resulted in little more than frustration and additional delays.

Thankfully, the programmer that quit on the project - ended up at least making good on her obligations during her exit, and had documented her code well enough that she was able to communicate to the next programmers.

NOW - we have two OSCAR Provider services and three full time programmers that are intimately familiar with OSCAR - working on the Alberta Billing and Lab Module. This is a MUCH better way to get this sort of project done - and it will FINALLY get this project completed, probably by late spring at the latest.

We still need about $15,000 for programming costs. We are hoping to raise this by having new OSCAR users in Alberta contribute about $2000 (though any amount would be welcome) in exchange for a very cheap rate on a professional OSCAR installation.

This is really a great deal - you get OSCAR installed by real pro's - which means that it will be PROPERLY installed (very important). Then you get the billing/lab module installed when it is ready to go. The module will have a private billing module as well so that you can keep track of non-insured billings, etc.

If you want OSCAR - just let me know and I'll get you in touch to get this process going for you! You won't be sorry!

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I look forward to hearing from you!