Thursday, November 8, 2012




I can't believe it either!

It's done!

And it works very, very well!

The Alberta Billing Module for Alberta is ready, and it works beautifully.  The billing module is slick, modern, and fits beautifully into a Physicians workflow.  The appearance is austere (a compliment) and pleasing to the eye - much like what we expect from the Mac expectations of world class industrial design (the billing module is platform independent).

To use the billing module, you simply do your normal chart entries into OSCAR....then when you're ready to bill the encounter - you just hit the "B" button on the patient's name on your daysheet and make a couple of quick selections from your billing preferences (which you can easily set up).  Then hit the submit button and your patient is billed!  The hole process takes just a few seconds per patient, which amounts to about 6 minutes total daily time for a very busy and complex daysheet like mine.

I have just submitted my first billing daysheet through OSCAR in it first live beta test.  A couple more daysheets with an integrated (rather than a test) module, and it will be ready for prime time!

The Alberta OSCAR billing module will be available as a "plugin" for OSCAR.  This is clearly the best way to do this.  Ongoing R&D will then be funded and OSCAR will remain strong into the future.

I've been using Firefox 16 with OSCAR and its integrated billing module plugin - and it works very well.  Only a couple of minor modifications needed and it'll be ready to roll out!

It's been a LONG time coming - but now OSCAR is going to be ready and appropriate to start marketing for Alberta adoptees.

How do you get the billing module for OSCAR?  And how do you get OSCAR?  Stay tuned.  I should have all of the detailed information available by the end of the month.

Wel done guys!  Very well done!

John Fernandes