Monday, August 24, 2015

Alberta Labs and Billings are working perfectly

I have been real world testing OSCAR labs and the billing module for some time now.  A few beta issues were discovered and have been addressed.  The system is now working perfectly and is very reliable and robust.

OSCAR is also evolving, and a rewrite is being done to keep it super modernized.   I am looking forward to seeing some of the cool things hat they come up with.

In day to day practice in the Family Medicine and surgical clinics, OSCAR has helped to reduce admin costs, increase efficiency and it has assisted me with dealing with complex multi system patients and to coordinate and integrate health care services across a broad spectrum.

My income has increased by using OSCAR quite significantly and I am looking forward to leveraging OSCAR to further increase quality and access to care for patients with even further increases to practice income.  

I hear lots of gripes from other Docs regarding their EMR's - but I have no doubt that those gripes would disappear if they switched to OSCAR.  

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